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Breakthrough tradition – no more flower/fruit to patients

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We always face people with chronic illness or health problems. Not just the patients feel lonely and challenging but also their families, friends, peers, colleagues, classmates and loved ones have the same worries. But how to overcome it? Patients may urgently need tailor-made goods to comfort their stress or pain but it is difficult to shop. Others may buy them something along with messages of support but just didn’t know what to send – apart from flowers or fruits. Not many people know that they are not welcomed by patients due to health issue. This inspired us to set up an online shop selling alternatives to flowers and fruits, including rehabilitation care and healthcare items, packages, hospital hampers and get well gifts etc. We aim to make life with a long-term health condition a little easier – with helpful products and information which help improves the lives of chronic and high-risk patients no matter on treatment and rehabilitation periods. Most importantly, make all feel healthy and beautiful!